Wholesale sewing services offers sewing ordersin a large of item quantity from public companies and private companies such asbrand clothing like JAKEL, ALIAA, TRIA, BINNURDIN, ALMAS BOUTIQUE, THE TUNIQ,AMEERAZAINI, LADY QUEEN and many more with a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.Through a lot of sewing, it usually takes 2 weeks to complete all of thereservation. Customers are usually given the option to send the fabric itselfor the company who are looking for fabric for the customer. Our company acceptorders for shawls, blouses, dresses and any clothing based on customerrequirement.



Provide service of tailoring custommade for people and individuals like jubah, dress, blouse, Baju Kurung, pants,skirt, veil, scarves and many more. We also accept orders for sewing weddingdresses according to their tastes and demands of customers. This booking takesat least one week to complete and reservations must be made in advance beforethe date of collection.


UR ALTERATION CENTRE is worktogether under one roof the main boutique UMMIRIAZ. Offers service to modifyand improve clothing items that are purchased directly from UMMIRIAZ BOUTIQUEor from another store. We also take orders to decorate on clothes, scarves andso on. Typically decoration on clothing is using beads, lace, beadings, pearls,Korean Stone, Swaroski and various decorations that suit and according tocustomer demand.


Provides tailoring for uniform andt-shirts to all public companies or private companies that want uniforms fortheir employees. We accept minimum orders of 20 pieces or more. Uniform ort-shirt can be designed by us or the company are pleased to offer their owndesign.